Junior School Hosts Third Annual International Fair


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Junior School Hosts Third Annual International Fair

On Thursday, March 18, Shady Side Academy Junior School hosted its third annual International Fair, where students learned about the diversity of cultures and heritages within their own school community.

Students were taken on a virtual international flight around the world via video, boarding "SSA Air" to visit and learn about 12 countries, immersing themselves in a new culture with each stop. A total of 21 families volunteered to bring the countries of China, Croatia, India, Ireland, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, Phillippines, Serbia and the Sudan to life through presentations that included narration, video, photos, music, cooking demonstrations and more.

In addition, a display was set up in the wing hall showcasing memorabilia from each country, and students received small keepsake trinkets or snacks from each country. Students and teachers also dressed in clothing that represented their own ethnicity, heritage or culture.

Thank you to the 21 host families who volunteered to bring their countries and cultures to life and to Junior School music teacher Joe Molinaro and the Parents' Association for organizing this global experience!

View a photo slideshow of the Wing Hall display below:

View highlights of the International Fair video presentations for three of the countries:

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