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Spirits Soar at Annual Middle School Bash

A parade of construction cones, condiments, and creative characters brought a burst of excitement to Shady Side’s Middle School, signifying the annual Halloween celebration. Dressed in an array of imaginative costumes, students, faculty, and staff congregated in a series of grade-level parties that turned the school into a vibrant tableau of the whimsical and the wonderful.

From fantastical beasts to beloved characters, the school's halls were a showcase of creativity and Halloween excitement. Each grade enjoyed its own celebration, featuring an assortment of games that sparked laughter and competition in equal measure.

The day was more than a celebration of ghouls and candy; it was a testament to the collaborative spirit and the joy that comes from a community coming together to celebrate. As the Halloween parties wound down, it wasn't just the costumes that left an impression, but the sense of unity and the shared smiles that come from a celebration well done.

Group of kids dressed up for halloween
Halloween Costumes
Halloween Costumes


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