German Club Brings Learning to Life at Handmade Arcade


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German Club Brings Learning to Life at Handmade Arcade

On Saturday, December 2, Handmade Arcade at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center was not just a showcase of local artisans but also a testament to the real-world application of classroom learning by the Senior School’s German Club. The event featured over 275 local artists and makers in addition to the highly interactive display by SSA students at Table 51.

German students formed a business called "Käsemaschine," which they debuted at Handmade Arcade. They pitched their ideas to their classes and debated what would sell and predicted profit margins – all in German! Then, students created the products in SSA’s own Glimcher Tech and Design Hub and in the Benedum Visual Arts Center. Each piece on display reflected a deep understanding of German culture and traditional craftsmanship, skills they had honed in their classes. Over the weekend, they sold their wares via the "Käsemaschine," which was a German-speaking vending machine. If customers didn't speak German already, then SSA students taught them how to order items. All proceeds benefit the Club’s upcoming exchange with a partner school in Cologne. 

Handmade Arcade provided a platform for students to step beyond the classroom and interact with the community, showcasing their talents and learning. Their participation was more than just a display of crafts; it was an interactive cultural exchange, allowing visitors to engage with the students and learn about German traditions and craftsmanship techniques. The German Club’s participation in Handmade Arcade exemplified how academic learning, especially in world languages and arts, can be effectively translated into real-world skills and community engagement.

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