Frozen Adventures Unveil the Wonders of Science


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Frozen Adventures Unveil the Wonders of Science

Embracing the winter season, Country Day's Outdoor Adventure Specialist, Karen DiFiore, turned a simple ice fort project into an enthralling scientific exploration for students.

Initially, DiFiore filled hundreds of balloons with colored water to create an ice fort, sparking a school-wide collaboration among Country Day students. The activity, designed to unite the school community, quickly evolved into a captivating educational experience.

As the students engaged in constructing the fort, they unexpectedly delved into the intricacies of the freezing process. Curiosity led to probing questions: How did the dye affect the water's freezing time? Could snow surrounding the balloons act as an insulator? And what role did the balloon's material play in the freezing dynamics? This playful endeavor transformed into a hands-on scientific investigation, offering practical lessons on the nature of cold temperatures.

The project's success hinged on the type of snow available. Initially, the dry, fluffy snow proved challenging for building, lacking the cohesion needed to hold the ice structures together. However, the project triumphed when conditions finally favored construction – the right mix of packing snow and temperature came together, enabling nearly every class to participate and contribute to this collective achievement.

This experience has not only inspired students with resilience and enthusiasm but also demonstrated the value of integrating creativity and real-world exploration into learning. The lessons gleaned from this adventure are invaluable, and with their newly acquired insights, students eagerly anticipate improving and revisiting this frosty project next winter.


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