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Absorbing Arithmetic by Celebrating Autumn

On National Pumpkin Day, the first and fifth graders at Shady Side’s Junior School engaged in an innovative math lesson that brought the season's spirit into the classroom. Mrs. Randall’s and Miss Hundley’s first graders teamed up with their fifth-grade buddies from Mrs. Blazin's class as part of their ongoing "buddies" program, which fosters interaction throughout the school year.

The students embarked on a hands-on mathematical journey, using pumpkins to learn about measurement, estimation, and counting. They tackled pumpkin-themed math centers, estimating and counting the seeds within real pumpkins and playing number bond and subtraction games.

This educational activity provided a direct, interactive approach to learning, reinforcing core math skills while celebrating the autumn season. The success of this event highlighted the value of combining practical experiences with academic concepts, ensuring that learning is compelling and engaging.

Students doing homework


Pumpkin carving


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