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Exploring the Cosmos through Interdisciplinary Experiences

On Friday, April 26, Country Day School students in Ginny Sinnott and Maggie Burke's senior pre-kindergarten class finished their Exploration of Space unit with a "Journey Into Space Day."
Parents were invited to observe the day as the students received “official” NASA badges and trained as junior astronauts. They completed six missions including testing their skills with a moon jump, navigating through an asteroid belt, digging for moon rocks, and coloring the solar system.
The class then headed outside where they coded and maneuvered the Rugged Robots as “Mars Rovers” through an obstacle course with Technology Specialist Kate Weber. Also outside, they hopscotched their way through a countdown to launch rockets with the force of their jumps.
To round out the event, the students headed inside where Vivan Shah, parent of one of the students, shared mini museum pieces of the Apollo 11 and the Space Shuttle Discovery. Students ended the day with a lively glow stick dance party and enjoyed space-themed cupcakes as a snack.
“Journey Into Space Day” is just one example of how Shady Side Academy teachers make learning engaging and fun through experiential learning opportunities.

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