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Exploring Different Cultures through An “Around the World” Event

Sixth graders at the Middle School came together for a much-anticipated yearly event called the Around the World party. This event is the culmination of a comprehensive research project that every sixth grader participates in, promoting a balanced worldview and offering students invaluable real-world experience.

Throughout the project, students work collaboratively in pairs or independently to select and research any country from around the world. Their research covers a broad range of topics, from notable landmarks and the country's flag to the current leader and other prominent figures. The findings are meticulously compiled and presented on trifold boards, which are then showcased at the event.

Adding a unique and flavorful dimension to the event, students also prepare and serve a traditional dish from their chosen country for attendees to sample. This culinary aspect not only brings diverse cultures to life but also provides students with hands-on experience in cooking and presentation.

This year, no two projects were the same, with 63 different countries represented. The Around the World party allows students to dive deep into the customs and traditions of different nations, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of global diversity. Through this immersive experience, students gain a more comprehensive and empathetic view of the world, preparing them to be more informed and culturally aware global citizens.

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