Engaging Students in Interdisciplinary Learning through Film Production


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Engaging Students in Interdisciplinary Learning through Film Production

Shady Side Academy's Middle School Film Club, known as MS-SSA, marked an important milestone this winter. In an assembly before the winter break, the club presented its first episode of the year, a delightful holiday-themed video, representing months of work and collaboration among the club’s members.

Their production is more than just a festive treat; it's a showcase of the type of interdisciplinary learning that the club program in the Middle School fosters. MS-SSA has become a vibrant platform for students to explore and blend various academic disciplines and skills in a fun and engaging way. Through the process of creating each episode, club members engaged deeply in literacy and critical thinking. They interpreted and developed intricate film elements such as plot, character development, themes, and messages.

Beyond the technical and artistic skills, the MS-SSA club highlights the importance of teamwork and cooperation. The process of bringing their holiday video to life required students to present ideas, overcome challenges, and support each other, fostering a strong sense of collaboration.

The enthusiastic reception of their first episode this year is a testament to the hard work and talent of the MS-SSA members. It underscores the role of the Middle School club program in not just allowing students time and space to dive more deeply into their interests but also in building critical life skills such as collaboration, communication, and creative problem-solving. Enjoy MS-SSA’s first episode of the 2023–2024 school year below:

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