Discovering STEM by Building Mars Rovers


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Discovering STEM by Building Mars Rovers

At the Junior School, fourth-grade students are embarking on an interstellar journey of discovery and innovation through a project that combines LEGO engineering and coding. This initiative highlights a commitment to real-world learning by immersing students in a hands-on experience that bridges scientific theory with practical application.

Junior School Science Teacher, Jeff McCarroll, spearheads the project as he shares the exciting possibilities of STEM education with his class. The project allows students to delve into the mechanics of constructing a LEGO Mars Rover, followed by the challenge of coding their creations to navigate through the rugged terrain of a Mars-like environment created right in their classroom. This approach to learning emphasizes the importance of STEM subjects by providing a tangible connection to real-world applications and challenges.

"The Mars Rover project is not just about building and coding; it's about inspiring my students to see themselves as future astronauts, engineers, and scientists," says McCarroll. "By engaging in this real-world learning experience, students are not only applying scientific and technological concepts but are also developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for their future success."

The hands-on experience allows fourth-grade students to apply scientific and technological concepts in a practical setting, fostering a deeper understanding of STEM subjects. This immersive approach to education goes beyond traditional teaching methods, preparing students for real-world problem-solving and innovation.

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