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This spring, 56 members of the Senior School Class of 2022 chose to complete Senior Projects, which offer students the opportunity to pursue serious learning experiences outside the traditional classroom setting during the final three weeks of their senior year. Projects are designed by the student and may involve the development of a new skill, the pursuit of academic research, creation or mastery of an artistic work, service to the community, or an internship or shadowing opportunity.

This year's Senior Projects covered a wide range of topics including athletics, fitness, fashion, medicine, writing, community outreach, audio and video production, business, finance, economics, art, music, physical and mental well-being, education, research, software development, civic engagement, urban planning and more.

Students kept blogs documenting their experiences and gave final presentations on Tuesday, May 31, to share their learning with students and teachers.

Here's just a sampling of some of this year's Senior Projects:

  • Tessa White served as an assistant teacher in Jennifer Riscili's third grade classroom at the Junior School. Read her project blog.
  • Crystal Ma created her own fashion line with guidance from designer Kiya Tomlin. Read her project blog.
  • Karen Linares Mendoza explored different medical disciplines by shadowing three doctors. Read her project blog.
  • Wilson Todd developed his chess skills and taught third graders how to play chess. Read his project blog.
  • Ava Kronman explored dramaturgy by digitally annotating the Broadway musical The Lightning Thief. Read her project blog.
  • Eli Naughton explored physical and mental wellness training for athletes headed to college. Read his project blog.
  • Angela Xue composed and wrote an original song. Read her project blog.
  • Sam Luketich conducted research on robotic surgical simulation training. Read his project blog.
  • Thompson Lau and Owen Martens learned to make ice cream and created a business plan for an ice cream shop.
  • Jaiden Fahrney explored ice hockey coaching and program development, traveling to Boston to work with middle school players.
  • Zion Jackson did an internship with G-Factor Films to learn video production.
  • Rohan Anand did an internship with Pittsburgh's Department of City Planning.
  • Dan Huss created a curriculum for the Senior School Personal Finance Club.
  • Vanessa Han researched and wrote a memoir of her family's history.
  • Braden Crow and Melody Yuan each wrote a collection of original poetry.
  • Inyaa Ashok, Isabel Brunner, Dylan Green and Mila Snyder each explored painting and art.

Congratulations to all of the seniors on their projects! View photos from some of the projects and presentations below:

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