Sophomore Builds Tesla Coil for Physics 2 Class

Shady Side Academy sophomore Steven Liu built a Tesla coil as his independent project for Dr. Scott Peterson's Physics 2: Calculus class. The Tesla coil, which took Liu five months to build, increases the voltage from a 120-volt wall outlet to 1.1 million volts. It can even remotely light up a florescent light tube.

Each year in the Senior School's Physics 2 and Advanced Physics courses, Dr. Peterson challenges students to independently design and build projects that interest them. The students are not directed to create something specific; rather, they are given the freedom to design and build anything that interests them that has some relationship to physics, allowing them to get excited and stretch their creativity.

Nice work, Steven!

View Liu's step-by-step guide to building the coil.

Watch a video demo of Liu's Tesla coil below:

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