Seventh Graders Lead Drive to Help Animal Rescue Organizations

Seventh graders with donations for animal rescue organizationsEarlier this year, Shady Side Academy Middle School seventh graders Gretchen Chalmers, Alexa Karet and Joe Krokosky organized a drive at school to help animal rescue organizations.

In total, the students collected 45 towels, 37 cans of cat food, five bags of dog treats, seven bags of dog food, one box of Milk Bones, three cans of dog food, one master dog bed and a dog coat. The items were donated to Humane Animal Rescue in Pittsburgh.

The students also organized and led a "penny war" fundraising drive, which raised more than $850. The money was donated to Humane Animal Rescue in Pittsburgh and Danny and Ron's Rescue, an organization in South Carolina which shelters dogs waiting for adoption.

The drive was the result of the students' seventh grade "Action Project," in which they chose an societal issue of interest, researched and wrote a report on it, and created a plan for something they could do to help remedy the issue.

Congratulations on your successful project, Alexa, Joe and Gretchen!

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