Senior School Philosophy Students Attend Lecture by Notre Dame Professor

On Friday, Nov. 15, a group of Senior School philosophy students joined faculty members Kyle Smith and Tara O'Brien at a lecture entitled "God and the Good Life," which was sponsored by the Pittsburgh Notre Dame Alumni Organization at Oakland Catholic High School.

Philosophy students and Kyle Smith at Dave & Andy's

The lecture was given by Meghan Sullivan, a professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame who teaches the collegiate course God and the Good Life. She led a philosophical discussion of one of her course topics – does faith require evidence? – examining case studies from business ethics, the history of American religion, and science policy to navigate the question of what it means to responsibly pursue the truth.

Students who attended the lecture were seniors Jack Uhlman, Giri Viswanathan, Julia Lazarris, Jack Naughton, Parker Maivald, Alex Reuter and Sean Kelley. Smith teaches three one-term philosophy electives at SSA: Intro to Philosophy, Philosophy of Happiness and the Good Life, and Philosophy of Religion.

Following the lecture, the group stopped for ice cream at Dave & Andy's in Oakland, owned by SSA alumnus Andy Hardie '78.

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