Science Olympiad Teams Compete at Solon Invitational

The Shady Side Academy Middle and Senior School Science Olympiad teams competed at the Solon Invitational, held on Saturday, Feb. 3, in Solon, Ohio. The Middle School team finished fifth overall out of 46 teams in Division B (grades 6-9), while the Senior School team finished 18th overall out of 66 teams in Division C (grades 9-12).

MS at Solon

Twelve Middle School students placed in the top eight in their individual events:

  • 2nd place for Write It Do It: Isabel Brunner, Elaine Gombos
  • 3rd place for Thermodynamics: Elaine Gombos, Chennie Wang
  • 3rd place for Herpetology: Prayag Vemulapalli, Miyu Yamane
  • 4th place for Fast Facts: Ishika Arora, Stephanie Chen
  • 5th place for Thermodynamics: Jason Vasko, Prayag Vemulapalli
  • 6th place for Battery Buggy: Isabel Brunner, Stephanie Chen
  • 6th place for Towers: Otis Liu, Steven Liu
  • 7th place for Solar System: Rohan Shrishrimal, Hari Viswanathan
  • 8th place for Mystery Architecture: Otis Liu, Steven Liu
5th place

Eight Senior School students placed in the top nine in their events:

  • 5th place for Forensics: Nick Sawicki, Amanda Zeng
  • 6th place for Hovercraft: Parker Maivald, Charles Sherk
  • 8th for Mousetrap Vehicle: Nick Sawicki, Charlie Brunner, Amanda Zeng
  • 9th for Experimental Design: Shreya Gulati, Shivam Patel, Djibril Branche

In addition, Leo Liu and Sonya Hammer earned 11th place for Optics.

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Congratulations to the teams, Middle School coaches Bonnie Maxwell and John Matia and Senior School coaches Dr. Joe Martens and Dr. Kelly VandenBosche!

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