Professional Photographers Visit Junior School Fourth Graders
Rick Dayton visited the fourth grade computer class.

Fourth graders at the Junior School had the pleasure of learning about digital photography from two professional photographers who visited their computer classes with teacher Karen Sandora.

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, Rick Dayton, who is a freelance photographer in addition to being a TV news anchor for KDKA, explained to students what makes a good picture and gave the class a glimpse into the interesting and unexpected through his photographs.

James Knox, SSA's visual media manager and also a freelance photographer, visited the class on Tuesday, Feb. 5, and taught the students that it's not just camera techniques, but hard work and timing to get to the moment that you capture.

Professional photographer James Knox visited the fourth grade at SSA Junior School. These visits occurred as part of the students' digital photography unit in computer class. They are learning a variety of techniques and strategies to take quality photos with their digital cameras.

Our budding fourth grade photographers were delighted and inspired by both guest speakers. Thank you, Mr. Dayton and Mr. Knox!

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