Professional Artists From MCG Jazz and SJMO Visit Senior School Music Class

On Friday, April 13, Senior School students in Mr. Stan Nevola's Jazz Ensemble music class had the opportunity to work with professional artists from Manchester Craftsman's Guild (MCG) Jazz and the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra (SJMO), as part of an outreach program sponsored by SSA's Hillman Center for Performing Arts.

Ken Kimery, percussionist for the SJMO, Marty Ashby, guitarist for MCG jazz, and Mark Jackovic, education and archives manager for MCG Jazz, worked with students during their regularly scheduled class period. Students played current class selections for the trio, who discussed with them various aspects of their performance. Students also had the opportunity to play with all three guests during class. After class, students spent some one-on-one time speaking with the trio about performing professionally and opportunities for their own growth and development in the music community.

The MCG Jazz and SJMO artists were in town to perform A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at the Hillman Center on Saturday evening. Jazz Ensemble students volunteered to usher during Saturday's show and were rewarded with free tickets to the performance.

View photos below:

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