MS Eighth Grade vs. Faculty Knockout Tournament
David Vadnais and Emmerich Braham

On Friday, March 19, the Middle School held its annual Knockout Tournament, where faculty members and eighth graders enjoyed a little friendly basketball competition before leaving for spring break.

The competition began on Tuesday, March 16, with eighth grade girls playing Knockout at one end of the gym, while eighth grade boys play at the other end. The top eight girls and eight boys advanced to face the faculty members in the final competition.

On Friday, facing a crowded field of great talent, several teachers fought off the competition until the final two were standing, math teacher/athletic coordinator David Vadnais and eighth grader Emmerich Braham. In a back-and-forth shoot out, Brahm held his ground until a misplaced shot allowed for a layup from Mr. Vadnais to clench the victory.

Great job to all competitors!

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