Middle School Sixth Grader Wins School-Wide Quiz Tournament

Kahoot! grade-level winners John Brunins, Anna Apetrie-Pandrea and Andrew LiDuring the last week before Spring Break, Middle School students participated in a school-wide game of Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform. The Kahoot! questions were a mix of school history, pop culture and Pittsburgh history.

Students played round 1 of the game in their homeroom advisories on Monday, March 15. The advisory champions moved on to the grade-level competition, where sixth grader John Brunins, seventh grader Andrew Li and eighth grader Anna Apetrie-Pandrea emerged as the winners. Those three then played each other, and after several lead changes, Brunins claimed the school-wide Kahoot! title on Thursday, March 18.

Congratulations, John, and thank you to the Middle School Parents' Association for sponsoring the fun tournament!

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