Eighth Grader to Perform at Andy Warhol Museum 2019 Youth Invasion

Sloane SimonShady Side Academy Middle School eighth grader Sloane Simon will perform her music at the Andy Warhol Museum's Youth Invasion 2019 event on Friday, April 5, from 5-10 p.m.

The Youth Invasion program features teens' unique take on Andy Warhol's artwork, with their points of view, ideas and creative expressions energizing the entire museum. The event will feature performers in the museum's entrance space, theater and galleries. The exhibition of youth artwork (which includes artwork by SSA senior Eliana Gagnon) will run April 5-20.

Simon is a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist. She began playing guitar when she was 8 years old, after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Until then, she had been studying piano but wanted an instrument that would allow her to be by her mother's side. She wrote and recorded her first song when she was 9 about being brave when you are scared. Her mother is healthy now, and Simon continues to use her guitar to narrate her journey through life's challenges and celebrations. Check out her official Facebook page.

Congratulations, Sloane!

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