Class of 2018 Gift Provides New Library Furniture

Students at Shady Side Academy Senior School are benefiting from more plentiful and functional seating in the library, thanks to the generosity of the Class of 2018.

The Class of 2018 raised more than $18,000 for its class gift through the annual Prom Fashion Show, held in the spring of the students' junior year (2017). A portion of the class gift funds went toward the purchase of the new library furniture, which was delivered in January 2019 and includes 24 chairs, three rectangular tables, three round tables, two small study tables and an end table. A plaque hangs on the library wall recognizing the Class of 2018 for its gift.

"The new furniture, generously donated by the Class of 2018, has provided more seating and increased workspace for our students, not to mention updating and refreshing the room," said Senior School Librarian Lindsey Myers. "I have noticed an increase in student use of the Library Reading Room, and one student shared her appreciation of the availability of more seating. We are so thankful to the Class of 2018, and hope that they know how much their donation means to the library staff, students, and faculty who often use the library."

The remaining portion of the Class of 2018's class gift fund will be used to purchase a sign for the new Glimcher Tech and Design Hub, which is scheduled to open at the Senior School in August 2019.

Thank you to the members of the Class of 2018 for your generosity!

View photos of the new furniture below:

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