2020 Senior Project Blogs

This spring, 17 members of the SSA Class of 2020 successfully completed 14 different Senior Projects. The Senior Project offers students the opportunity to pursue a serious learning experience outside the traditional setting of the classroom during the final three weeks of their senior year.

The program was modified in 2020 to enable seniors to complete projects despite COVID-19 and distance learning. Students submitted proposals, sought off-campus mentors and worked with a faculty member to design and implement a 54-hour Senior Project, meeting on Fridays via Zoom to discuss their projects. Students shared their work by writing blogs, rather than the traditional in-person student presentations on campus.

The topics of this year's Senior Projects included; Shoe Customization, Tech & Design for the Home, "Fallen Legends" Collection, Accounting Work, Small Business and Spin Certification, Korean War Veteran Book Illustration, Music Theory, Anhedonia in Adolescents, Filmmaking Across Two Continents, Quarantine Scrapbook, Business and Marketing of Reworked Clothes, Horse Training and Care, EMT certification, and How I Became Spin Certified.

Read the 2020 Senior Project Blogs.

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