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Middle School Students Achieve Top Scores in Mathematics Competitions

In January, several students from the Middle School competed in the AMC 8 Mathematics Contest. Alex Chen (first place) and Jackson Shanahan and Chloe Wang (tied for second place) were the top scores for Shady Side Academy. 

Chloe Wang was also named a Young Women in Mathematics Awards & Certificates winner. She received the DE Shaw Group Certificate of Excellence for the AMC 8 Contest and the Two Sigma Certificate of Excellence for the AMC 10 Contest. 

The following month, Middle School students participated in the Pennsylvania Math League Contests. The top finishers for each grade are as follows.

Form II:

  • First place: Alex Chen
  • Tied for second place: Alex Bi and Andrew Xing
  • Third place: Chloe Wang
  • Tied for fourth place: Zoe Freyberg and Ozge Uzman

Form I:

  • First place: Jackson Shanahan
  • Second place: Wenwen Wang
  • Third place: Alyssa Zhang
  • Tied for fourth place: Liam McKim, Hunter Paglia, Dusyanth Paramesh and Eric Zhang

Sixth grade:

  • First place: Amellia Sun
  • Tied for second place: Berend Michels and Suleiman Sheikh 
  • Tied for third place:  Thomas Luther and Aspen Peterson

Congratulations to the students and mathematics faculty, Devin Brown, John Curry and Kelli Wood on an amazing 2022-2023 season!

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