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Middle School Presents the Fall Play Order Up! Nov. 17

Shady Side Academy Middle School will present the 2022 fall student drama production Order Up! on Thursday, Nov. 17. Two performances will be staged in the school's cafetorium – a school-day performance for students and a 7 p.m. evening performance for parents and guests. Admission is free.

When it comes to fast food, people are particular – very particular. In this quick succession of quirky customers, the Order Up! restaurant takes on everything from weird food allergies to fanatical health inspectors, from the fear of eating to someone wanting to hide in the restroom, and on and on and on. Could there be a moment of sanity for the three employees who work behind this fast-food counter?

The cast and crew includes 21 students in grades 6-8. Students in the featured ensemble playing multiple roles are Mahika Chopra (grade 7), Zoe Freyberg (grade 8), Colette Griffith (grade 7), MJ Jordan (grade 6), Vivian McCall (grade 6) and Noah Thompson-Jones (grade 8). Other students in the ensemble include Rowan Barndollar (grade 6), Brie Butler (grade 6), Eshaan Goulatia (grade 7), Lauren Grand (grade 7), Mikayla Hornezes (grade 6), Hollie Husband (grade 8), Maria Kushnir (grade 6), Emily Lin (grade 7), Anvi Medsinge (grade 6), Eira Pathe (grade 6), Lily Salmond (grade 7), Angela Tu (grade 7) and Chloe Will (grade 8).

The director is English teacher Camille MacRae, and the production designer is art teacher Stefanie Vorrasi. The set design assistants are students Amelia Sun (grade 6) and Breslyn Plesh Stock-Bratina (grade 8).

The play was written by Kamron Klitgaard for Pioneer Drama Service.

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