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Junior School Fourth Grade Entrepreneurs Host Marketplace Event

On Friday, Feb. 24, fourth graders at the Junior School proudly stood behind their "storefronts" as they sold handmade goods and engaged with customers in the annual Marketplace event – the cumulation of the Fourth Grade Financial Literacy Program. 

Throughout the school year, students were paid a fictional salary every week, which they used to pay taxes, equipment rental (desks), health insurance and copays for visits to the school nurse as part of the program. Additionally, students earned money or were fined based on their behavior choices. 

With their remaining funds, students made their goods to sell at the Marketplace, paid for promotion and advertising, and produced and starred in green screen video commercials. They determined the pricing of their goods, ranging from 25 cents to $2 apiece, and will determine their return on investment (ROI) during math class to learn their overall profit from the event.

Junior School faculty and staff and fourth grade students and parents acted as customers after being given $15 in play money to shop. Students exhibited creativity and hard work through their handmade items, which included lava lamps, bookmarks, keychains, cake pops, brownies, eclairs and much more. 

Congratulations to all of our fourth grade entrepreneurs, and to fourth grade teachers Marci Anderson, Lisa Budd and Lauren Notaro, on a successful Marketplace event!

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