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Inspired by World Changers

In conjunction with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, students at Shady Side Academy's Lower School campuses embarked on an inspiring journey of learning and self-expression through the “World Changers” project. Each grade across both campuses selected a change-maker to study, diving deep into the lives and legacies of these influential figures.

The young learners then creatively distilled their understanding into just ten words, encapsulating the essence of their chosen change-maker. These words formed the foundation for unique “Word Photos,” visual homages to the individuals who have shaped our world for the better. The project culminated in a special assembly where students proudly presented their work, sharing insights and reflections on their respective change-makers.

During the assembly at the Junior School, Librarian Phyllis Guering took to the stage to read a story titled “Footprints.” This narrative underscored the theme of the project, emphasizing the impact we each have on the world. Inspired by the story, Junior School students then engaged in creating artistic handprints, contemplating and articulating how they, as young individuals, could leave a positive mark on the world.

A follow-up assembly at the Junior School revisited these personal pledges. Students enthusiastically shared their handprint commitments, which ranged from environmental goals like cleaning up oceans and reducing garbage to broader social aspirations such as ending wars and embracing the simple yet profound act of sharing toys.

This initiative not only celebrated the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. but also ignited a spark in the students, encouraging them to think deeply about their role in creating a better world.


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