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Growing as a Team Beyond Competition

The Middle School swim team, comprising a group of talented seventh- and eighth-grade athletes, embarked on a journey to the University School in Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, January 26, to compete in the Independent Prep School League (IPSL) swim championships. This annual competition, a long-standing tradition for SSA, showcased the exceptional skills and sportsmanship of the young Bulldogs, culminating in an impressive third-place finish for both the girls’ and boys’ teams among five participating teams from the Cleveland area.

In what marked the team's first meet of the season, the student-athletes not only demonstrated their prowess in the water but also fostered a sense of community and teamwork, as the swimmers supported one another, celebrating personal achievements and contributing to the team's overall success. The championships were a testament to the hard work and dedication of the swimmers, with over 22 personal best times achieved among the 14 students who participated. 

Standout performances included the boys' team securing second place in two relays. The girls' relay teams also shone, finishing second and third in their respective relays, adding valuable points to the team's overall score. The team also saw multiple top-six individual finishes.

Coach Betsy Gorse expressed pride in the team's achievements, emphasizing how the IPSL swim meet serves as a powerful example of relational teaching in action. “This event goes beyond competition; it is about learning from each other and growing together as a team. Throughout the winter season, our Middle School athletes have shown incredible dedication and sportsmanship, and their achievements are a testament to the supportive environment fostered by the coaches, faculty, and their families.”

As the Bulldogs returned from Ohio, they brought with them not only awards but invaluable experiences, reinforcing the values of commitment, camaraderie, and continuous improvement that define the SSA community.

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