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Cultivating Cooperation through Duplo Blocks

Shady Side Academy's Early Learning Center has unveiled a new Duplo block wall, a vibrant and interactive structure designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and community among its pre-k and kindergarten students. The 120-square-foot wall of colorful possibilities joins a magnetic wall already in place and serves not only as a dynamic play area but as a foundational tool in the Junior School's commitment to relational teaching.

The Duplo block wall stands as a testament to SSA's forward-thinking approach to education, where the development of interpersonal skills and teamwork is as crucial as academic learning. This engaging installation encourages students to come together in shared activities, building connections and fostering a sense of community among the class. It becomes a space where creativity and collaboration flourish, allowing children to engage in imaginative play while developing vital skills.

"Our Duplo block wall is more than just an addition to our Early Learning Center; it's a catalyst for meaningful connections and collaborative learning experiences," said Brittany Andy, Educational Technology Collaborator at the Junior School. "By integrating this interactive feature into our curriculum, we're enhancing our commitment to relational teaching, where educators can facilitate group activities that encourage communication, cooperation, and creativity."

The Duplo block wall offers a versatile space for indoor recess, center time, sensory breaks, and enriching learning activities, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play. The Duplo block wall, therefore, becomes not just a play feature but a tool in the Junior School’s approach to relational teaching, promoting a supportive and connected learning environment.

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