Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors 2019

The Shady Side Academy Board of Visitors is a group of distinguished alumni and friends from across the country that serves in an advisory capacity to the Academy's leadership. The group, founded in 2002 by John Kramer '57 and Ed Grefenstette '85, serves as a tremendous asset to Shady Side, providing valuable perspective, feedback, suggestions and insight.


Members (as of July 1, 2022)

Jill (Strassburger) Barkin '94 Denver, CO
Elizabeth (Taaffe) Collins '87 Bridgeport, CT
Ronald Davenport '81 Pittsburgh, PA
George Egan '78 Jacksonville, FL
Anne Gailliot '94 - Chair Pittsburgh, PA
Kerry Hannon '78 Washington, DC
Alex Howson '82 Hinsdale, IL
Remington A. Jackson '08 Charlotte, NC
Vicki (Jendral) Keogh '97 Bethesda, MD
Mark A. Kramer '96 Chicago, IL
Michele Lieber '86 Washington, DC
Andrew Mathieson '74 Kentfield, CA
Abhishek Mehta '01 New York, NY
John G. Osthaus '59 Springfield, VA
Fred Parkin '59 San Francisco, CA
Richard Rauh '58 Pittsburgh, PA
Ben Ross '10 New York, NY
Ryan Ruskin '86 Chicago, IL
Hunter Smith '86 New Canaan, CT
John Taylor '64 Stanford, CA
William Wallace '66 Bedford Hills, NY
Anne (Mulock) Westbrook '96 Pittsburgh, PA
Bruce Wiegand '65 Pittsburgh, PA
Daniel Wolf '07 New York, NY
David Yaccino '86 Kenilworth, IL
Jonathan Zittrain '87 Cambridge, MA