Our Mission in Action

Shady Side Academy's mission is to challenge students to think expansively, act ethically and lead responsibly.

Inspired by this mission, Shady Side's driving purpose remains the development of responsible, transformative leaders for the City of Pittsburgh and beyond. This reason for existing was embedded at our inception. 

We deliver on our mission by creating a unique and valuable education for families and bright, curious students who:

Want Small Classes and Big Opportunities

We are small enough to know, support and care for individual learners, but also large enough to offer a program where all students can find their place to lead and succeed, often on the biggest stage and under the brightest lights.

With the combination of our intimate and highly relational teaching, coaching and advising models, and an overall enrollment nearly twice that of our largest peer school, we pair the closeness typically found in independent schools with the programmatic breadth and abundant community scale and spirit of a large public school district.

Seek Real-World Learning and To Become The Leaders of A Connected, Digital Future

We develop leaders at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts. With all that is happening in our city and region, we have the unique ability to provide our students with the real-world learning experiences that will prepare them to become ethical, humane leaders in an increasingly digital world.

Artificial intelligence, smart robots, augmented reality and other advances suggest the future of our global economy is digital and rapidly changing. Shady Side stands out in its capacity to produce the leaders who will humanize this digital future, lending it an ethical dimension and ensuring it serves to strengthen our communities.

Desire a Balanced, Informed Worldview

We pair Western Pennsylvania's most geographically diverse student body with a broad and balanced curriculum, challenging students who see the world in remarkably different ways to engage in a dialogue that is essential to expansive thought and responsible leadership.

Given the manifold perspectives that make up our community and program, Shady Side helps students confront differences and grapple with views and opinions they do not hold themselves. We position our students uniquely to practice civil discourse and develop the humane, constructive relationships that will help our nation and world bridge divides. 

Amy YamMy faculty colleagues are masters of their discipline, true liberal artists, and exemplars of reflection and pedagogical excellence. They make me better.

– Amy Yam, Senior School Math Department Chair

Paul WakedShady Side Academy offers both students and teachers the resources, space, and tools needed to further themselves on their journeys as lifelong learners.

– Paul Waked, Middle School Science Teacher

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