Employee Benefits

Being an employee of Shady Side Academy is rewarding both personally and professionally. Below is an overview of the benefits offered to SSA faculty and staff.

Health Care

Shady Side Academy’s Flexible Benefits Plan is designed to allow each eligible employee to choose tax-free benefits – including medical, vision, disability, life insurance and flexible spending accounts – according to his/her specific needs. The plan also provides employees with options to purchase additional benefits tax-free or to take fewer benefits and receive cash.


Retirement accounts are offered through TIAA and employee contribution amounts are matched (subject to a maximum limit) by the Academy.

Paid Time Off

Faculty members on 10-month contracts enjoy two weeks off for Winter Recess, two weeks for Spring Recess and three days for Thanksgiving, as well as several paid holidays throughout the school year and two PTO days to use for personal reasons. At the end of each term, faculty members are provided with a class-free work day to finalize grades and comments for student reports.

Administrators and staff on full-year contracts enjoy one week off for Winter Recess, one week for Spring Recess, and three days for Thanksgiving, as well as several paid holidays throughout the school year. During the summer, office hours are shortened and Fridays are half-days. In addition, a generous PTO policy, which increases with years of service, is in place for vacation, sick and personal time.

Leaves of Absence

The Academy recognizes that circumstances sometimes call for an employee to be absent from work for reasons not covered by the standard Paid Time Off policy and therefore allows for a leaves of absences in a several categories, including bereavement, disability, jury duty, maternity leave, military leave, and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).


As an essential part of a long-range plan to guarantee the continued existence of a strong educational program, the Academy has established sabbatical leaves for faculty members with 10 or more years of service. Sabbaticals are awarded on the basis of seniority and are one semester in length. Faculty members on sabbatical leave receive full pay and benefits, plus a stipend to defray the cost of travel, study or other expenses incurred while on leave.

Professional Development

Shady Side Academy strongly believes in providing professional development opportunities to its faculty and administrators. Each year, more than $250,000 is provided to support ongoing training and inspiration to our educators in the form of grants and fellowships. Learn more about our professional development program.

Financial Benefits

Shady Side Academy employees enjoy a number of financial benefits, including:

  • Tuition remission for children of full-time employees who are accepted to SSA
  • Discounts on summer programs, after-school programs, break and in-service day child care, Hillman Series tickets and SSA Spirit Store purchases
  • Free lunch in the campus dining halls
  • Participation in the North Districts Credit Union
  • Salary advances