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Because "How" Matters

Shady Side Academy understands that how we educate students equips them to thrive in college and in life. Because “how” widens perspectives, reveals hidden talents, cultivates character and elevates expectations – at every level and for every child. Because “how” matters.

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A Balanced Education

Shady Side Academy educates the whole person. How? Through a rich balance of experiences in academics, arts and athletics. We believe investigating all sides of oneself is an important part of the educational journey. Because “how” matters.

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Four Campuses,
One Academy

Across 189 acres and four campuses, SSA students have plenty of room to play, learn, create and compete. Each campus is designed to support how we educate children in each life stage. The transition from one campus to the next broadens their experience, offering more choices and independence at each level. Because "how" matters.

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Two Ways to Board

Five- and seven-day boarding students benefit from greater access to Senior School resources: teachers, coaches, arts and athletic facilities and campus events. Boarding teaches students how to be responsible, independent and prepared for a smooth transition to college. Because “how” matters.

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Shady Side Academy is a nationally respected private school in Pittsburgh for boys and girls in grades pre-kindergarten through 12, with an optional boarding experience in high school. Four schools with extraordinary resources, teachers who actively mentor, a forward-thinking curriculum, a diverse and inclusive community, and a legacy of alumni accomplishments all inspire Shady Side students to high achievement in academics, the arts and athletics, and to meaningful ambitions in life.

Signature Programs

Learn more about the unique and distinctive programs that set Shady Side Academy apart.

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SSA By The Numbers

  • Senior School
  • Junior School
  • Middle School

1,185 Students

PK-12 from 13 states and 8 countries

71% of Teachers

hold advanced degrees

3 College Counselors

help students find their best-fit colleges

7,000 Alumni

form the backbone of SSA's global network

189 Acres

across 4 beautiful campuses

30% of Graduates

complete an independent study or senior project

100% of Students

participate in visual & performing arts programs

75 League Titles

won by 19 athletic teams since 1993