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Your reunion is an occasion to renew ties with classmates and reflect on what Shady Side Academy means to you. It’s also a time for classes to come together in giving back.

Reunion giving is a year-long fundraising campaign that takes place in the months leading up to your reunion. Reunion gifts celebrate the education you received while ensuring that the SSA experience will endure for future generations.

For more information or to join the Reunion Giving Committee for your class, please contact Alicia Barnes, director of annual giving, at or 412-968-3017.

2016 Reunion Giving Goals

Reunion Year

Class Participation Goal

Current Participation Members of ClassNumber of DonorsDollar GoalCurrent Dollar & Pledges






























Reunion Donors by Class

The list below includes reunion year donors who have given to the 2016-2017 Blue & Gold Fund.

List of Donors by Class

Class of 1946

Donald D. Borden
Richard S. Franken
John E. Friday
Edward W. Jew
James W. Kinnear
Scotti Mulert
Charles W. Ridinger

Class of 1951

James M. Feldman
Edward M. Heppenstall
E. Patrick Howard
George C. Kennedy
Pressly H. McCance
David G. McCullough
John R. McKee
Norman A. Nedde
Grant Morrow
Joseph V. Reineman
Edward B. Rotheram
Irvin W. Templeton

Class of 1956

G. William Bissell
Jay V. N. Crane
George H. Davis
Lewis L. Hamilton
William A. Houston
Leonard J. Kapner
Robert L. Kirkpatrick
William E. Markus
David Mendelson
H. Nicholas Muller
Robert P. Rost
Robert G. Runnette*
Edward W. Seifer

Class of 1961

Eugene F. Chwerchak
William R. Clarkson
Philip J. Davidson
James P. Hackett
Stuart N. Hutchison
Marne Obernauer
A. William Schenck
Thomas W. Schmitt
Jack W. Singer
Gene B. Strassburger
Henry J. Wallace
William I. White

Class of 1966

Christopher M. Abernethy
Charles S. Arensberg
Allen T. Bankson
Scott E. Becker
Frank J. Beradino
James J. Dechter
David M. Guy
John S. Harrison
D. G. Hill
William J. Hughes
Lance C. Labun
Richard C. LaMagna
Don A. Lynn
John R. McClester
Joseph R. McClinton
Donald J. McCormick
Thomas S. Meredith
Arthur D. Nelson
David H. Patterson
Jay S. Reich
Thomas V. Siciliano
John R. Smiley
Peter J. Stephens
Thomas Tyson
Jeffrey J. Varadi
William F. Wallace
Charles H. Whitehill
George L. Wilcox
Paul C. Zugates

Class of 1971

Jeffrey R. Botkin
Gary K. Chang
David M. Hillman
Peter C. Hunter
Richard N. Katz
Craig N. Martin
Robert C. McCarthy
Tron McConnell
W. T. McGough
Frank E. Morgan
Oliver C. Mullins
George Panzak
David M. Roderick
William C. Sturgeon
Augustus E. Succop
James J. Turner
Frederick H. Waddel
Gordon S. Wenneker

Class of 1976

Jon and Lili Bosse have made a generous gift of $10,000 in honor of this milestone reunion. They will give an additional $10,000 if the class reaches a participation level of 40% or raises an additional $10,000 by June 30. A gift, at any level, counts and is a symbolic opportunity to express your appreciation to SSA and to the great Class of 1976.

Stacy E. Anderson
David E. Anderson
Nancy B. Anfanger
Mark L. Baughman
Robert R. Beyer
Jon D. Bosse
Sallie Belle Davis
Thomas B. Drelles
Michael D. Ecker
David B. Fawcett
Nancy T. Field
Bahra M. Fisher
W. Randall Frederick
Malcolm Goldsmith
William W. Granger
Sam E. Gruner
John R. Hammer
Brian J. Henry
Marc T. Kennedy
William J. Knepper
Katherine A. Laramie
Douglas G. Mancosh
William M. Marsh
Stephen W. Modzelewski
Garrick R. Mullins
Howard A. Parker
Jonathan C. Puth
Steven L. Redgate
J. J. Reisler
Robert S. Risoleo
Andrew L. Rosencrans
William B. Rubidge
Michael F. Selz
James H. Silverblatt
Eric R. Stahlfeld
Karl W. Stark
Michael Vogan
Richard T. Wentley
Mark G. Wholey

Class of 1981

Carol D. Carty
James J. Crisanti
Ronald R. Davenport
Leslie M. Davis
Richard P. Easler
Gregg E. Franklin
Elizabeth R. Gill
David A. Gilpatrick
Clifford R. Gross
Mary E. Haught
Catherine Jahrling
Alan A. James
Nancy J. Kim
Nancy-Rose Netchi
Nelson L. Person
Robert H. Reuter
J.E. Sauereisen
Daniel Schreiber
George L. Stewart, II
Mark A. Stiffler
John F. Tadler
William H. Tippins
Daniel A. Wecht

Class of 1986

Jay F. Alexander
Cameron W. Altmar
Penny Asherman
G. Nicholas Beckwith IV
Marcel Bilbao
Karen C. Brubaker
Louis W. Catalano
Steven W. Frank
Paul T. Henderson
Laura S. Karet
Peter D. Katz
Matthew H. Lerch
Michele E. Lieber
Gregory W. Lippard
Peter J. McIlroy
J. Brendan McLaughlin
Tara H. O'Connor
Stuart Rattner
David R. Roscow
Ryan S. Ruskin
John M. Saaty
Erik H. Selz
Kenric Sissingh
Hunter C. Smith
David R. Yaccino

Class of 1991

John R. Babson
Constantine K. Davides
Mark C. Filstrup
Robert J. Grandizio
Sharon L. Jefferson
Jonathan M. Kamin
David P. Marsh
Zachary K. Morris
Douglas R. Spear
Aaron H. Strauss
Matthew D. Walker

Class of 1996

Charles H. Gailliot
Cullen K. Griffith
Arvind S. Grover
Craig N. Hamburg
W. Matthew Henderson
Zachary D. Kaufman
Mark A. Kramer
Lauren P. Kushner
Meghan E. McNally
Chetan R. Mehta
Geoffrey W. Melada
Erik J. Nordby
Jessica L. Olifson
Thomas M. Pohl
Esteban J. Rakela
Christopher G. Randall
Thomas B. Stanton
James W. Succop
Courtney C. Vadnais
Christopher G. Ward
Tyler F. Wean
Anne M. Westbrook
Jimil B. Wilson

Class of 2001

Adam L. Bell
Amit S. Grover
Elizabeth M. Grover
Brian D. Gumberg
Mark A. Lovett
Natalie N. Maida
Joshua S. Marks
Abhishek S. Mehta
Molly D. Melius
Marisa A. Muscari
Michael J. Quinlan

Class of 2006

Jay R. Mangold
Whitney I. Menarcheck
Christina M. Montani
Patrick C. Scott
Edward J. Silberman
Jonathan A. Spero
Marjorie S. Weiner
Eric S. Weiss

Class of 2011

Jamie M. Kurke
Madeline W. Sheerer

1964 Surpasses Reunion Goal

Class of 1964 Surpasses Reunion Giving Goal

The Class of 1964 set an ambitious goal of raising $250,000 in honor of its 50th reunion over the 2014 Homecoming weekend. To date more than $252,950 has been raised for the Samuel H Elkin ’64 Scholarship Fund, Endowment for Science Faculty Award, and the Blue & Gold Fund. This marks the most funds raised by a 50th Reunion class in the last ten years. Thanks to the following committee members for leading this successful effort: Dick Chalfant, Bill Guy, Bob Maloney, Jerry Stephenson, E.J Strassburger and John Wolf. ”Homecoming was a glorious fall weekend of reconnecting and reminiscing with classmates and faculty,” said Maloney. "We were all reminded of how special it is to be a part of the Class of 1964 and how important SSA continues to be to us all.”

1974 Reunion Giving Record

Class of 1974 Holds Record-Breaking Reunion

During Homecoming 2014, the Class of 1974 celebrated its 40th reunion. For some classmates, it was the first time seeing each other since Commencement. For others, Shady Side helped them to form bonds that have lasted more than 40 years. At any reunion, the hope is that alumni return to campus, reconnect with old friends and remember the role the school has played in their life. The Class of 1974 did just that, but also did it in record-breaking fashion. Thirty-six class members attended, and 50 percent contributed to the class giving effort to raise more than $544,000.

“The outstanding effort of the Class of 1974 will support the tireless work and dedication of our faculty and coaches, help deserving students have the Shady Side experience so valued, but often out of reach by their alumni parents, and help us build a state-of-the-art science and innovation center that brings all of our science learning together in one dynamic facility,” said Academy President Tom Cangiano. “In addition, annual gifts made to the Blue & Gold Fund touch every aspect of our school, from our students, faculty and staff to our buildings and grounds and assist in bridging the gap between the actual cost of a Shady Side education and tuition. We are grateful to the 1974 reunion committee and their classmates for this extraordinary effort that will so deeply and directly benefit the school.”

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