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Middle School Latin Class at Pittsburgh's Shady Side AcademyAt the heart of any great school is a talented and dedicated faculty. While programs and facilities are indeed important, education is fundamentally a people business. In fact, study after study shows that the single most important factor in the quality of a student’s education is the quality of his or her teachers.

At Shady Side Academy, our faculty truly sets us apart. These passionate, learned professionals understand that teaching is as much about relationships as it is about knowledge of the teaching craft or a particular subject area. Shady Side’s teachers are enthusiastic and caring. They set high expectations for their students, pushing and challenging them to reach their full potential. They serve as coaches, advisors and mentors, building strong, authentic relationships with their students that last a lifetime. They teach them to be independent thinkers, too. As a result, our graduates leave as learned, compassionate and productive citizens of the world.

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Faculty Emeriti

Harry S. Fleishman III

Mary E. Goodwin

Robert J. Grandizio Sr.

Richard F. Gregory*

Betty Jean Highlands

E. Alexander Howson

F. Walter Jones Jr.*

Philip D. Joyce*

Robert F. Kaelin

Carley L. MacDonald

David A. Mancosh*

William O. McConnel

Elaine Olds

Joseph P. Pavlovich*

Dr. James D. Peebles

Dr. Bernard J. Sauers*

Nancy L. Sayles

William A. Sayles

Robert B. Stiffler

John S. Thorpe*

Suzanne O. Wolfe*

* deceased

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